Workshops Offered . . .

Painting and Drawing:

I have taught art for more than 35 years to students of all levels. It is a great pleasure to share my knowledge with others, especially individuals who are just starting out or are in the intermediate phase and want to develop a solid base from which to explore their own ideas. 

The emphasis of the workshop can be geared to the needs of your organization.                                                                                                 
A typical workshop lasts 8 hrs and is spaced over 2 days.

Areas of instruction: 
Each material listed below can be taught independently or as a package of two or three.

Painting: watercolor, ink, gouache
Drawing: pencil, pen, pastel, charcoal, colored pencil
Mixed media: All the above materials work well together when handled correctly and combining them make for an exciting extended workshop.

Students supply their own materials or a supply charge is added to the student fee if I supply the materials. Usually around $5.
Class size: 6 – 15 students. 
Age level: 16 and older.
Costs: $40/hour plus travel and lodging.

An Evening with the Visual Arts:

This program is offered in conjunction with an exhibition to celebrate and promote greater appreciation of the visual arts. Suggested topics include “What Is Art”, “Themes and Purposes” and “the Elements and Principles”.

Additional options for An Evening with the Visual Arts include those developed as a series titled “Six Conversations about Art” and are designed to introduce the public to the world of art. Each Conversation is an hour and a half power point presentation and followed by a half hour public discussion.
Topics include but are not limited to: “What Is Art?”, “Themes and Purposes”, “the Elements and Principles of Art”, “Art History: 19th Century”, “1914-1945”, and “Modern Art”

Poetry Reading and Exhibit:

This program accompanies an exhibition of my illustrated poetry and branches out to include other favorite poets, their work and accompanying illustrations. Suggested time of reading 45minutes, followed with a discussion of how the poems and visuals were developed.
Costs: $40/hour plus travel and lodging.

For more information contact:
Clint Loomis
Facebook: Clint Loomis Studio
Phone: cell (406) 366-3068 (landline) 406 535-7380