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This album of gourds represents many works done over several years. 
Many have sold.  The album is updated regulary.

Prices run from $65 - $185 plus shipping.
Please contact me for more information. 

The gourd is called a canteen gourd because of the shape. The outside is decorated with carved relief images and painted. The interior is finished with resin and glass.
This carved gourd is approximately 10
Butterfly and Geometric Design
Carved and sculpted gourds.
Three Ornamental Gourds
'Butterflies' is carved on what is called an apple shape gourd. The lid is removable and the inside is hollow leaving an area for storage. It is relief sculpted and painted with acrylic. 
Turtle Gourd is sculpted, painted and wood burned onto an egg shaped gourd. The shell is removable and a pool of resin gives a realistic illusion of water. 
Turtle Gourd
Tree for Gourds  My intention is for you to find a particulary singular branch that has caught your eye and to hang individual gourds from the outstretched 'fingers'. One can add or subtract gourds to give the display a new look.
Tree for Gourds
Gourd pot is hollow inside. The lining is covered with clay slip and coated in epoxy resin for durability and to give it a nive glazed appearance.
Gourd Pot with Abstract Design
Gemstone holder second view without the gem.
Gemstone Holder
This small sculpture of two trout is designed to hold a favorite gemstone. The base and trout are carved out of air dried clay and repeated glazed with acrylic paint and finished the epoxy resing. It is 6
Gem Stone Holder
The image is painted on a goose egg in acrylic paint and protected with a layer of epoxy resin.
Infinity Cast is a small 12
Infinity Cast
Carnival Gourd, second view
Carnival Gourd
Carnival gourd is a relief sculpture on a thick skin gourd around 10
Carnival Gourd
This goose egg was marbled with acrylic transparent paint and then  lightly carved in traditional scrimshaw technique. The image was then emphasized with several additional layers of color glaze.
scrimshaw trout egg gourd
A carved gourd that is designed to hold dried plants or be its own pleasing sculpture  sold
Braided Abstract
Braided Abstract
Braided Abstract
Feathers sold
Hummingbird bowl, sold
Hummingbird bowl, open
Hummingbird bowl, lid
Hummingbird bowl, bottom
Whiptail Lizard Bowl, sold
Whiptail Lizard Bowl, open
Whiptail Lizard Bowl, detail
Whiptail Lizard Bowl, top view
These are about 6 inches tall.
Abstract gourd designs
These use led tea lights and function as carved relief sculpture and gentle night lights.
Gourd night lights
American Bittern
Inspired by the Missoula carousel and carved as a treasure box. These are called Martin gourds or birdhouse gourds and are aprox. 12
Carousel, open
Great Blue
Great Blue, open
Snail Design
Relief carving with swallows flying across the surface. It works well with a tea light inside.
A relief carved gourd with wrap around imagery. This is a canteen gourd because of its shape.
Coyote, open
Tree Gourd offers high relief carving. It has three panels with individual portraits of trees. One panel is carved so it offers soft glow when used as a night light.
Tree Gourd
Tree gourd scene from opposite side.
Tree Gourd
Tree Gourd

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