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The 'landscape' album begins with 4 images that are inspired by spending time in the Upper Missouri Breaks Natl. Monument outside my home in Lewistown, MT and down south in Moab and Escalante Grand Staircase Natl. Monument. The rock forms suggest the best of figurative sculpture and so I brought this idea to my 2-Dimensional projects. 

Original Works
Contact Clint on the availability of these original works as some may have sold.
Images will be mailed unframed in shipping tubes unless otherwise requested.
Prices range from $200-$900, plus shipping.

Images are also available as prints in various sizes.
Prints:  11” x 14” @ $40.00  |  13” x 19” @ $50.00.
Cards:  5.5” x 8.5” card @ $4.50 each.
Shipping is included in the price.


1/2013, watercolor, gouache, 15.25
Chip off the Old Block
This is one of 4 in a series which is influenced by the rock formations found in the Escalante Staircase Natl. Monument, Arches and The Uppper Missouri Breaks Natl. Monument. The work is intended to feel sculptural. I am taking ideas from artists such as Henry Moore
A Gathering I
A Gathering II
A Gathering III
Afterglow, mixed media, 38.75” X 18”
Near Polebridge, MT; watercoler, gouache, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, 33
Along Bowman Creek
This painting was inspired by a week's stay in Polebridge, MT.
10/2012, watercoler, gouache, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, 38
Autumn Breeze
Beckman's Ranch is a Wilderness Management Area outside of Denton, MT and is the inspiration for this painting.
Mixed media, 28” X 51”
Beckman’s Ranch
5/2008, watercolor, gouache, ink, 32”X32”
Badger Creek
11/2011, oil, 35
Bear Paw Mountains
11/2010, watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylic, 34”X36”
Bryce Canyon in Fog
Pencil, charcoal, each panel 34”X 10”, overall 34”X20”
Bryce Canyon in Moonlight (diptych)
1/2011, watercolor, gouache, 26”X43”
Bryce Canyon with Ravens
8/2011, watercolor, gouache, 28.5” x 26”
Cattail Arabesque I
Cattail Arabesque 2
Cattail Arabesque 3
Cattail Arabesque 4
4/2001, oil, 24.5 X 66”
Crazy Mountains
8/2012, watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylic, 25.875
Chipping Sparrow and Lady Slippers
Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, 18.5” X 42”
10\2013, pencil, watercolor, gouache, 24”X29 ½”
Earthly Paradise
5/2014, watercolor, gouache, charcoal, 16 ¼”X22 ¼”
Escalante Monument
Flight formation, watercolor, gouache, 16”X22”
Fairy Slipper Orchids
08/1987, oil, 42
Fall Along the River
10/2014, charcoal, 23 ½”X17 ½”
Light House
8/2013, watercolor, gouache, 22”X47”
Miners’ Creek
Brown Pelicans II, 1/15, watercolor, gouache, 16”X22”
Pacific Northwest
11/2012, pencil, 10” x 13” 
On the Edge I
12/2014,oil, 36”X48”
Pacific Northwest Brown Pelicans I
12/2013, watercolor, gouache, ink, 22”X16 ½”
Rough Legged Hawks
11-2013, wc, g, ink, pastel, 16 7/8”X22 7/8”
Mixed media, 9.75” X 31.75”
Flat Willow Creek
6/2011, watercolor, gouache, ink, 18” x 32.75”
Flood Stage
Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, 17.5” X 42”
Highway 1 Revisited
Mixed media, 20” X 34”
Judith Gap
Mixed media, 15” X 41”
Magpie and Fog
12/2004, watercolor, gouache, ink, 40”X20”
Moonlight and Cranes
12/2013, watercolor, gouache, 22”X16” 
Cold Morning Hawk
1/2012, oil, 29
Northern Harrier
8/2011, watercolor, gouache, ink, 28.5” x 15”
North West Coast
12/2012, watercolor, gouache, 24” x 34”
On the Edge II
8/2011, oil, 48” X 32”
Pacific Coastline
Mixed media, 36” X 54”
Patron, The
Watercolor, 34.75” X 42.5”
Return Flight
Oil, 36” X 60”
Rivers Edge
4/2009, pastel, colored pencil on brown paper, 33.5”X21” 
Milkweed and Rock Wren
6/2011, mixed media, 18” X 32.75”
7/2011, charcoal on brown paper, 26” x 56”
Sea Stacks
Mixed media, 33.75” X 72”
Summer Pond
Mixed media, 13.5” X 16
Thin Ice

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